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Search results from YouTube will be converted first, but after the file can be downloaded search results from other sources can now be downloaded as an MP3 file without converting or further being.. Legislative options, dispute settlement, certain conditions (including current Eidgesellschaft) and other important region-specific provisions of this section 14, you may use the Services at any time but your continued use or subscription to a Service after the Effective Date Changes in Relationship or Meaning You accept the terms as modified.. c above can not be enforced in connection with any or all of the dispute, the Arbitration Agreement shall not apply to this dispute or any part of it.. New Zealand Limited (Address: Level 2, Heard Building, 2 Ruskin Street Parnell Auckland 52 New Zealand) and govern the following terms: (a) the terms and conditions between you and Yahoo.. Taiwan Holdings Limited, Taiwan Branch (Address: 14F, No 66 Sanchong Rd, Nangang District, Taipei, 115, Taiwan) and the following terms and conditions apply: (a) the terms and conditions between you and Yahoo.

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The first search results come from YouTube, which is converted first, so the file can be downloaded, but search results from other sources can be downloaded immediately as an MP3 file without conversion or redirect.. Consequently, some of the exceptions and limitations in Sections 8 and 9 of the Terms do not apply to you if you are a consumer living in an EU country. Tracker v2.1

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